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  • A Healthy Brain needs a Healthy Body

    A Healthy Brain needs a Healthy Body

    When we talk about strong choices in our program we mean much more than just your muscles. Exercising is an important part of a overall healthy lifestyle and it’s good for our brain too. Working out can help improve brain health and development in several different ways. First, exercise increases blood flow to the brain, supplying it with more energy and oxygen. This helps to improve neurological processes and research has shown that working out can positively affect brain structure, particularly in the areas of memory, learning and mood. Exercising also increases the neurotransmitter levels, such as dopamine and serotonin, which boosts cognitive function and can help ....

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  • The Risk of Unqualified Coaching in Fitness Kickboxing

    The Risk of Unqualified Coaching in Fitness Kickboxing

    It’s easy to be lured into a cheap kickboxing class, but what you’re really signing up for could be a risky proposition. Experienced coaching is a critical component of learning kickboxing, particularly because an unqualified instructor may teach you dangerous technique, leaving you vulnerable to injury. When you put safety first, seek out an experienced and qualified coach to help you learn kickboxing correctly. Kickboxing is a quick-paced and powerful form of martial arts that has seen explosive growth in the fitness industry. While It’s fun, empowering, and a great workout it is important for the instructor to accurately demonstrate proper ....

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  • What is Muay Thai?

    What is Muay Thai?

    Muay Thai is a style of martial arts and self defense that originated in Thailand. Muay Thai specializes in strikes using punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. Muay Thai is sometimes confused with Kickboxing. Although similar to sport of Kickboxing, Muay Thai is differentiated by its full contact nature and the use of clinching. Practitioners of Muay Thai believe the art is their way to strength, courage and victory. Muay Thai has a long and deep history, it is an ancient style of martial arts that has existed for centuries and is deeply rooted in Thai culture. The sport of Muay Thai continues to remain popular today with practitioners all over the world taking part in ....

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  • What is BJJ?

    What is BJJ?

    What is BJJ? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an incredibly versatile and powerful martial art with an impressive history rich in tradition and technique. It is widely considered to be one of the most effective unarmed combat systems in the world, and its expansive array of grappling techniques and moves has made it a favorite among martial arts students and fighters alike. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or BJJ, was developed in 1914 by Brazilian brothers Carlos, Oswaldo, and Gastão Gracie. It is a martial art derived from Kodokan Judo, which was created by Japanese judoka and educator Kano Jigoro in the late 19th century. Due to the influences from both Kodokan Judo and traditional Japanese ....

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  • Why would I do self defense training?

    Why would I do self defense training?

    Being your own first responder is crucial when seconds count in an emergency! Self defense is an important skill to possess, even in environments where there is law enforcement protection. There are certain scenarios where police response times are slow. In such cases, individuals must rely on their own capability to defend themselves when faced with violence. Not only does self defense give someone the ability to protect themselves, it can also act as a preventative measure that can discourage a violent criminal from attacking victims who can physically fight back. Self defense courses can teach basic techniques on how to protect oneself and disarm an assailant. ....

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  • Haslet Fitness Kickboxing

    Haslet Fitness Kickboxing

    Kickboxing is an excellent form of fitness that challenges, strengthens and tones your entire body, not to mention all the added mental benefits. Firstly, kickboxing provides an intense, full body workout. Every class combines a variety of punches, kicks, and different combinations to challenge your cardiovascular endurance. You become stronger and increase your overall power, speed, aim, and flexibility. You can also increase your muscle-definition and core strength. You can get a great amount of exercise in each session, and also improve technique, balance, and coordination at the same time. Secondly, kickboxing is a great stress reliever. It gives you an outlet to ....

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  • Discipline or Motivation?

    Discipline or Motivation?

    If you are looking to learn a particularly difficult skill like fitness or martial arts, discipline tends to be far more effective than simply utilizing motivation. Motivation tends to be an ephemeral and unreliable source of energy to aid in accomplishing a goal - it comes and goes, and can be subject to outside forces. Discipline, on the other hand, ensures that regardless of how you are feeling or what is happening around you, you are taking consistently taking steps to reach your goal. It is the key to keeping your focus and the consistency to hone your skill and create the positive results that you set out to achieve. Without discipline, it can be difficult to keep your ....

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  • Haslet Family Fitness and Martial Arts

    Haslet Family Fitness and Martial Arts

    Families are the backbone of our society - and taking care of their physical health is an important way of ensuring their continued prosperity. From maintaining a healthy diet to regular physical activity, there are numerous ways families can promote better health and emotional outcomes. Like many parents, I want to promote a healthy lifestyle within my family. To ensure my own fitness, I engage in regular physical activity ranging from weightlifting, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and running. I'm also careful about what I drink and what I eat, making sure to include plenty of nutritious fruits and vegetables in our diet. Likewise, I encourage my family to engage in ....

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  • Join Us For the Best Kids Martial Arts in Fort Worth

    Welcome To Our New Website! We’re Proud To Serve Fort Worth with Kids Martial Arts! At Fitness Fight Factory Haslet, we are working hard to go above and beyond for every person who walks through our doors. And you could be next! We are offering Fort Worth a hands-on approach to Kids Martial Arts. And you don’t need any prior experience to succeed! Come visit us at Fitness Fight Factory Haslet and see for yourself what makes us the best Kids Martial Arts facility in town. Just fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! And don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! ....

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