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Devin Miller

Hi my name is Devin Miller I am a coach and one of the owners at the Fitness Fight Factory network. Our gym is the perfect place for any individual to grow. We have programs for everyone no matter their age, background, or current acitiving level. Some of our clients want to get fit and active in a fun and effective way. Some of our clients are combat sport athletes .  


I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing with Johnny Bedford in 2007 when I was just 9 years old and I have been dedicated to a couple of combat sports ever since. I have competed in multiple amature boxing events and jiu jitsu tournaments. In highschool I was my team's wrestling capitan and wrestled consisteley on varsity. 


In 2014 I made my amature debut in Mixed Martial Arts and in 2017 I started fighting as a professional. I'm excited to continue my journey as a coach and mixed martial artist. I look forward to seeing you on the mats! 

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