What’s a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt?

What’s a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt?

9yrs, 2 surgeries, professional mma fights, Jiu Jitsu tournaments, 6 day a week training, weightlifting, running, 2007-2016 was my path to black belt. 


What’s a black belt mean? To me it’s the integration of all of the pain, effort, and discipline of training. It’s the empowerment to stand up for yourself and get physical if necessary. Its the warrior spirit to continue through the fight. It’s the knowledge of how to pass along that empowerment and spirit to others. 


Weak people are powerless to stop tyranny. I want to do everything I can to equip my community to stand up strong against the trials of life. 


I wish that more people who started Jiu Jitsu had the courage and discipline to see it through to black belt. I know they would be proud of themselves. I don’t think that quitting temporarily for different seasons of life is wrong, but I think quitting entirely is a mistake. 


I always hope people who did quit come back and get back on that warrior path. Nobody is disappointed or upset, we just want to see you train. 

See you on the mats. 


-Coach Cutts

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