Rule 3- Obstacles are Opportunities

Rule 3- Obstacles are Opportunities

Obstacles are a part of life, and those who choose to perceive them as opportunities for growth and learning tend to be more successful and fulfilled in their life goals.


Mixed Martial Arts competitions are my way to challenge myself and grow as a martial artist. I can’t think of anything better to test myself and practice what I preach. 


People who are able to recognize and properly address challenges have the ability to discover more about themselves and the world around them than those who merely accept every challenge as a dead end. 


By moving past and learning from challenges, one gains knowledge, increased self-efficacy, wider worldviews, greater perspective, more meaningful connections, and a host of other attributes which can be used to fuel further innovative opportunities.


Even in failure there are lessons to be learned and so many potential good things you could have. 


Therein lies the opportunity of obstacles: the ability to broaden knowledge and gain invaluable tools for future growth and success. Therefore, when faced with a daunting challenge, one should not be deterred, but instead accept it as an exciting opportunity and take advantage of it to the fullest extent.


At Fitness Fight Factory we encourage people to challenge themselves and grow into their full potential. Come see why so many people are finding success with our program. We would love to show you what makes our program special! 


-Coach Cutts

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