Rule 1 - I respect myself enough to make strong choices

Rule 1 - I respect myself enough to make strong choices

The concept of self-respect is an often overlooked aspect of personal development and decision-making, but at our program it’s the number one rule. 


Self-respect is the foundation of building a champions mindset and life. 


It is based on self-belief, self-love and self-worth, and enables people to make good life decisions that are in line with their own values and beliefs. 


Self- Respect will allow a person to choose good decisions, a career and relationships that are the best outcomes for them and their communities. 


Self-respect enables an individual to speak up for themselves, set boundaries and make decisions with confidence and conviction. In contrast, a lack of self-respect, leaves people feeling powerless and unable to make decisions, as they feel they have to comply with the wishes of others, or risk being judged or rejected. 


When we talk about strong choices we are talking about more than just physical strength. 


We are talking about choices that strengthen people’s character, mind, and body. 


At Fitness Fight Factory we are building individuals stronger because it builds our community stronger. 


Come see why so many people are reaching their goals and living up to their potential with our program. We would love to show you what makes our team special.


See you on the mats! 


-Coach Cutts

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