Why would I do self defense training?

Why would I do self defense training?

Being your own first responder is crucial when seconds count in an emergency!


Self defense is an important skill to possess, even in environments where there is law enforcement protection. There are certain scenarios where police response times are slow.


In such cases, individuals must rely on their own capability to defend themselves when faced with violence. 


Not only does self defense give someone the ability to protect themselves, it can also act as a preventative measure that can discourage a violent criminal from attacking victims who can physically fight back. 


Self defense courses can teach basic techniques on how to protect oneself and disarm an assailant.


At Fitness Fight Factory we teach situational awareness, and proper utilization of response tactics to give individuals the skills necessary to ward off an attacker.


Additionally, self defense can boost mental and physical health well-being. Knowing the skills to defend oneself increases confidence, strength, and agility. It also teaches important life skills, such as discipline and emotionally processing.


Every class at Fitness Fight Factory helps equip our members become more capable at self defense. 


Our Fitness Boxing and Kickboxing classes start building fundamental striking skills and increase our students physical capabilities.


Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes teach how to escape, establish a superior position over an attacker.


Our Muay Thai class teach how to use strikes to deter or end an attack. 


We would love to help build you stronger and help you stay ready. Give us a call and get a complimentary appointment booked today. 


See you on the mats!

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